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Workforce Development


Commitee Chair: Patrick Caton


To create stronger collaboration between public and private sector education facilities due to the training gaps and duplication. The CAOB has long-standing relationships with the Department of Workforce Development, the Department of Corrections, the Ministry of Education, the Bermuda College and the Bermuda Industrial Union.

Committee Work in Progress:

CAOB has been forging new relationships with private sector trainers to ensure further collaboration and maximization of available resources.

The CAOB maintains a keen watch on current and potential future employment requirements, taking into consideration such factors as new construction projects, and conversely, retirement and relocation of the existing workforce.

The CAOB is also working closely with MyFuture.Bermuda which allows the identification of students who have an interest in construction related careers. CAOB can provide those students with support and encouragement and ensure they are on the right path to becoming certified and successful.

Ten Key Points:

CAOB is:

  1. Cultivating a trades learning culture in the construction industry by supporting all areas of trades training in Bermuda.

  2. Meeting all requirements to maintain the status of NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor to ensure the best possible training and certification is available to Bermudians.

  3. Managing all records of students participating in NCCER CORE programming, ensuring students are fully registered and receive their earned certificates and wallet cards.

  4. Ensuring schools and other facilities have all of their curriculum delivery requirements.

  5. Reviewing the progress of students in trades training, checking to see that they have all of their required courses and completed modules to receive certification.

  6. Ensuring lines of communication are open with the Instructors and Teachers

  7. Managing the delivery of internationally recognized Master Trainer and Trades Instructor Training certification; recruiting for same.

  8. Participation in Career Days at public schools.

  9. Conducting research and compiling an inventory of programming and facilities in addition to those being used by NCCER students.

  10. Providing industry information to government sectors which would otherwise be unavailable.

CAOB welcomes contributions from any members who wish to become involved in the education, training and certification of members of the Bermuda applied technologies workforce.

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