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Scholarship and Career Development

The CAOB Annual Scholarship Award

The Construction Association of Bermuda (CAOB) offers awards for education in construction related disciplines to an exceptional Bermudian considering a career in the building professions.

The awards offered will be for the academic year commencing in September and may be renewed, subject to satisfactory academic progress and the number of other potential candidates.

Potential candidates should be Bermudian and be accepted for a course in any construction related discipline leading to certification by a suitable professional body. Subject areas can include:

  • Construction - including project management and construction management

  • Surveying - including land, building, and quantity

  • Engineering - including civil, mechanical and electrical

  • Trade certifications

The CAOB will be happy to direct interested students to accredited programs in the US, Canada and the UK.

Foremost consideration will be given to the applicability of any particular program to careers in the Bermuda construction industry, and more specifically to careers with CAOB member companies.

Candidates must apply on and may be called for an interview with the Scholarship Selection Committee. They shall endeavor to seek summer/full time employment with a CAOB member company whilst a recipient of the award and be willing to volunteer for the CAOB when time permits.

The deadline for applications is the 15th of June each year and short listed candidates will be interviewed shortly thereafter.


  1. No age restriction

  2. Candidates shall endeavor to seek summer/full time employment with a CAOB member company whilst a recipient of the grant, and for a period following the award and equal to the duration.

Documents Required:

  1. Completed scholarship application form.

  2. Proof of Bermudian Status.

  3. Evidence of successful completion (including grades) of the preceding year, and/or acceptance letter

  4. Statements of good character, deportment and aptitude from two independent referees (school principal, previous employer(s), or persons of good standing in the community who have known the candidate for at least 2 years).

  5. Brief statement outlining financial need and other sources of financing education.

  6. Detailed information and/or course outline of proposed program.

To apply, please visit

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