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Founded in 1968 the Construction Association of Bermuda has always aimed to be the 'voice' of the construction industry on the island. The original charter members were:

Adderly Brothers Ltd.

Hollis Construction Co. Ltd.

Bermuda Mechanical Co. Ltd.Salisbury Construction Co.

Burland Conyers and Marirea Ltd.

Sealand Construction Ltd.

Canber Electric Ltd.Shore Lee Enterprises

Carr Construction Co. Ltd.Universal Electric Ltd.


This has grown to over 78 companies in 2018, employing more than half of all people working in the construction industry. The founding directors of the Association were:

W.F. Diel of Salisbury Construction Co. - First President

John Burland of Burland, Conyers & Mairea - First Vice President

Bill Lishman - Honorable Secretary/Treasurer

Elmer Midgett of Bermuda Mechanical Co. Ltd

Randall Tungate of T.C.. Electric Ltd

Zang Weinacht of Sealand Construction Ltd

T. Carr of Carr construction Co. Ltd

S.D.C. Chutter of Canadian Construction Association

Andrew Cooper of Sealand Construction Ltd

Coles Diel drafted first Constitution

Don Hunt of Universal Electric Ltd

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